At the commencement of any project our Architect or Designer together with a Project Manager will visit your site and walk through a client’s needs. A detailed concept and proposed scope of works will be the outcome of this meeting – this will be shared with our customer.

Our in house drawing process will begin, defining the end deliverable concept including the finer details such as fittings/handles/colours and finishes. At this point our design team will provide samples of the product chosen. ProFix management believe it is imperative the client has a tangible understanding of the timber that will be used on the project.

Once the manufactured goods have been constructed and checked by our team we will transport the product to site for installation. This is where we ensure the product is “plum” and correlates perfectly to measurement, fitting in the allocated place allotted. Our Joinery team at all times works closely with the projects department. This ensures your investment is proceeding on time and not deviating from the agreed and specified design.

ProFix Joinery Division was recently commissioned to assist with a restaurant fit out in JBR. One specific requirement was to refurbish a painted facade, incorporating an Asian themed continuous cube timber boxed wall. Our Design Team asked the proprietor for specifics in relation to budget and quality of timber to be utilised. Our client confirmed the purpose behind the boxes primarily was for acoustic/ aesthetic reasons only, not for functional purposes. We determined either a timber veneer or water repelled product would suffice. The cost of the works was significantly reduced as the client was advised of a more economical product.

Our client requested manufacture of 120 restaurant tables and 480 chairs. Our design team provided various samples of timber that could be utilised. In addition several options of slim line art deco table and chair designs were suggested which met the brief. Upon confirmation from our client the joinery team commenced production. Again we were mindful of production time and delivery of product.